Nicola Fumo

Important polychrome sculpture of Assumption: Fumo, Spain, 17th c.


Neapolitan School

Extraordinary 20 figures crèche , Naples, 18th c. Terracotta and wood


Neapolitan School

Pretty dancing figure for crèche, Naples, 18th c. academia in Terracotta


Spanish School

Excellent sculpture of Saint Raphael, Spain, 17th c. polychrome wood


Spanish School

Beautiful sculpture of Virgin with Child, Spain, 16th c. polychrome wood


Spanish School

Rare carved ivory Vanitas, 18th c. wooden base with blazon


Spanish Royal Upholstery Factory

Important eglomise screen, Royal Factory: Attrib. Lletget. c.1800


José Montes de Oca

Sublime sculpture, St.Joseph with Child: Montes de Oca, Seville, 17th c.


Granada School

Impressive sculpture of Virgin, Granada, 17th c. polychrome wood


Tipa’s workshop (attrib.)

Exceptional Immacolate in carved ivory: Attrib. Tipa, Sicily, 18th c.


Cesare Lapini

Pretty femenin bust in carved marble: Lapini, Florence, 1888

José de Mora

José de Mora

Magnificent bust of the Virgin by Jose de Mora, Granada, 1642 – 1727

Lorenzo Mosca Presepe

Lorenzo Mosca Presepe (attrib.)

Impressive high size and quality Creche, Naples, 18th c.

Auzoux Modelo Anatómico

Louis Thomas Jerôme Auzoux

Interesting detachable and big anatomical model, france, 19th c.

Auzoux Modelo Anatómico

Louis Thomas Jerôme Auzoux

Curious anatomical model in paper mache, france, 19th c.

Presepe Coral Conchiglie

Sicilian School

Rare creche in terracotta, shells and coral, Sicily, 19th c.

Filippo Galassi (atrib.)

Filippo Galassi (attrib.)

Magnificent plaque in silver and ormolu bronze with Madonna and Bambino, attrib. Galassi, Rome, c. 1750.

Vanitas Marfil Grande

Spanish School

Interesting 18th c. Vanitas in carved ivory