Contador Cingalo Portugués


Important cingalo-portuguese cabinet, 16th c. carved ivory


Indo – Portuguese School

Exceptional indo-Portuguese crucified, 17th c. carved polychrome ivory


Indo – Portuguese School

Large indo-Portuguese crucified, 17th c. carved ivory


Indo – Portuguese School

Rare indo-Portuguese reliquary, Goa, 17th c. carved ivory

Daga Jambiya

Jambiya Dagger

Fine jambiya dagger, India, 19th c. embossed gilt copper and steel

Hacha Bhuj

Bhuj Axe

Extraordinary Bhuj Axe, 19th c. gold and Steel with silver inlaids


Processional Palanquin

Curious palanquin group, India, 19th c. carved ivory

Dignatario Ceilán

Sinhalese School

Important big dignitary figure in ivory, Kandy, Ceylon, c. 1700